2017 is coming to an end: Great time with training, family and friends

December is allways a month with lots of different activity. Busy in a good way and I just love Christmas. Our home is decorated and ready for the holidays, and the entire house has a wonderful smell….. My mind is relaxed and happy. It has been a great December.

Time is flying. I can`t believe that this year is coming to an end and we are about to step into the biggest and most celebrated holiday in our culture. I love Christmas in many ways.  Watching the kids around us is a great reminder on how exciting this time of the year was when we grew up, and still is for us ”kids”…. It gives energy and it feels great.
This autumn has gone past very fast in my opinion. We had some great weeks training really hard. We were able to follow our schedule, and that is always important.. At this time of the year we have focus on strength and power, both on and of the bike. Sprinting and explosive training is also important, and of course intervals we do all year long…


My week in China and Taiwan was just great. I allways enjoyed all the visit I had to Asia in the past and this time was no different. The hospitality, the food, the entusiasm that I meet, is fantastic. Ideas and plans for next year trip is already in progress :)

The first days in China was on behalf of Kind Shock and KS dropper post. A cycling event that did take place in Dongguan, KS Two Wheeler Bike Festival China. I met a lot of enthusiastic bikers from all kind of disipline withing cycling and that gives me energy, joy and motivation.

First day I started in a short track that took place on a 4 -cross track. Short and intensive race with both elite and fun- bikers on the startline. I  raced with employers from Kind Shock and from different related suppliers for the bike event.

In the afternoon the same day, most of us did a XCO race on the track that Kind Shock built just a few hundred meeters from the factory. A fast and fun and challenging course for all os us. Great area for riding and testing equipment for both visitors as well as the employees.


Then I had some interesting days in Taiwan meeting friends and partners, as well as visiting my long term partner and family Merida. It was great to see all my medals presented with so much pride and enthusiasm.

Taiwan is still the hearth of cycling industry in the world and most of the big brands has their headquarter there. During my stay I had meeting with Maxxis (tires) and VELO (saddle producer that produce for many brands) Did you know that? Do you believe it? (if not check it out)! It is just a stunning place to be when you love cycling. I feel really privileged to get his opportunity to meet so many great and successful business people within our sport.


December has been a challenging month for training back home. Heavy rain, strong wind, cold and wet, even snow this last week. We managed to train most of what we planed and that feels good.

Snow is allways a special thing at this part of Norway and it is fun to see all the joy and excitement it brings for both kids and adults. Bjørnar just loves it and we had some unforgetable moments in the sledding hill next door…and skiing :)

My husband and coach, Kenneth, together in every day training, makes it all much easier. Getting out there alone, especially when the conditions are like we have at this time of the year, is not easy. ”Strongest together”….


We got kitties in the house. The family raced from 3 to 5 members. Emmelin and Lilly  is fantastic company and joy for all of us. I grew up on the country side and with lots of animals around in my daily life. I allways had a cat. They are knowned for having many lifes and they can manage most challenge in life…  allways ”land” on their feet. Emmelin and Lilly are 2 sisters from a farm not far away from our home and Bjørnar just loves them.

We already had some ”accidents” with our new family members like pipi…. in our bed. No more peacefull dinners and they cut the light at the christmas three (eating/ bit the cable straight of). Anyway it is worth it J

I do hope you all find some extra time for outdoor activity with friends and family during the Christmas holiday. Get out there and ride your bike. Have fun. Chase new trails and adventures.

I will post something at New Years Eve with a short summary of season 2018 and my goals for the new year. Enjoy today :)

Merry Christmas to all of you. Wish you great time with family and friends. Stay fit and active, find, feel and see the joy and FUN around you.