2018 Racing season has begun

Racing on Cyprus was youfull and hard as allways. I got my first victory on my MERIDA NINETY SIX and the UCI WC opening in Stellenbosch was a eyeoppener and disappointing. Back home it is still winter and we are fighting the weather and cold conditions. 

This last week of training back home has been good. We managed to do what we planed and I can feel that I can do everything on a higher level. It is good to have a solid ”workhorse”, Merida CycloCross 600, and wintershoes from Lake Cykling  MX 145 these days. The contrast in weather and conditions in our sport, traveling from South Africa with about 30 celcius, arriving back home for snow and minus degreese.

Biking is adventure. It takes you to places that is outstanding and the contrast can be breath- taking… just like a rollercoaster.


Training and racing on Cyprus was great for me and the Team Merida GunnRita. This time we brough our family with us for the first week and stayed in Pafos. A beautiful place on Cyprus that can be recomended. Bjørnar and my parents they all enjoyed it a lot and they stayed the last night in Tochni, Cyprus Villages, with us where we normally stay for the stagerace we do as a kind of ”kickstart” of the season.

For the 4 stage Sunshine Cup race, I finished 6th overall and then took my first victory for the season at the XCO C1 race the second weekend. That felt just great to win again and also take the overall for the Sunshine Cup this year.

The UCI WC opening in Stellenbosch the weekend after was early, a very early start for the WC kick of, but in perfect timing for the Absa Cape Epic of course (I race the Cape Epic next year). I had a good start but got a puncture far out on the course on the third lap so my finish result got quite bad. Anyway it was a awesome course with a fantastic crowd cheering us on. Stellenbosch was just beautiful in my opinion.

Good to come back home to celebrate our son birthday with family and friends. It is kind of crazy to think about that 9 years is gone since he was born, 22th of March 2009. He is a very active boy that loves soccer, playing with friends and of course he likes cycling. He became my biggest fan so I had to promise him that I will keep riding and racing for many more years. He knows the names of most of my competitors :)


Our next period on the road will be Italy. I will be racing the next three weekends in Italy and of course that is exciting. First event will be the Garda Lake MTB Race. Then we have a entire week in Nals/ Tirol together with our family, Sunshine Race Nalles. The last week will be spend in Spilimbergo preparing for the European Championship Marathon.

We are talking about great racing in beautifull places in Italy. One important period with training and racing to take the next step for the season 2018.


The coming days back home will be spend with family, friends, hard training, packing our suitecases and just enjoying dayly life. Bjørnar has school holidays and that means we can do other kind of activity together, like biking, playing soccer, building lego, playing with our two cats and going to the cinema.

I do hope you find time to do your riding and activity this Easter Holiday together with family and friends. Stay focused on your goals and work hard. Have fun and enjoy today.

You know you had a good workout when your hands and feet are painful in the shower and your hearth is beating heavy for many more hours after you parked your bike in the garage.  I prefer riding outside, being active outdoor, fighting with the weather and conditions, it is all about feeling alive.

Greetings from Gunn-Rita

Team Merida GunnRita