Sunshine, single trails, adrenaline, excitement, power in the legs, lactat all over…life is good on Cyprus if you like riding your bike. It is my fourth year I start my season here on the sunny island and I just love it.

The winter back home has been good and solid, the winter was ”kind” and ”calm” most of the time. Just great to be home for a longer period of time spending time with family and friends. Great to be home enjoying our home trails with excitement. We planed the winter good and was able to do most of the training we wanted to do. Well prepared for a new season.

Racing on Cyprus has allways been a kind of ”starting the engine”- focus after a long winter. I´m not known for being early in chape and it will stay like this as long as we compete on top level. We have a long and exciting season ahead of us with lots of big races to come. When you are ”old” like me, you have to plan your battles.

The exercise we did before leaving Norway, was jogging in snow and minus 8 celcius close to Gardermoen Airport. We did spinning and a presentation about training and performing for members of Rye Sportsklubb. Then spinning with employers of Merida Norway/ Stians- Sport before heading for Cyprus. Interesting days in Oslo before chasing the sun.

We are staying in a little town by the name Dochni, about 25 minutes driving from Limasol. Small and cosy apartments with fantastic food and hospitality…like the years before. Im here together with Kenneth and Cato and we are enjoying every minute of the days we have here. Working on our tan of course (no sunscreen in the shop because it is winter here!), enjoying new singletrails of course, enjoying cypriot cuisine every night, and drinking the strong cyprus coffee. everything is so different from home… the view, taste, smell and atmosphere. Life is good here J

We did first stage yesterday, a 14 kilometer long enduro run. Great fun half way until i punctured. Then riding some kilometer on a flat tire until I reach the tech sone and got a new wheel. Lost some minutes of course but that happens now and then in our sport.

Today we did the first stage, a quite tough one with 2154 meter altitude and a total of 53 kilometer. I was fighting top 3 most of the race and finish of 3rd. Happy with my performance today. Tomorrow is a new day, new trails and a 66 kilomter long lap with 2000 meter climbing in total. I feel tired and ready for sleeping right now, but will be ready for a good battle again tomorrow together with my bike and many strong ladies J

Wish you all a good biking weekend together with family and friends.

Cycling greetings from Gunn-Rita



First time ever taking part in Terrengsykkelrittet, the biggest, signletrail marathon race in Norway. Few days later racing the second big MTB race in Norway, Nordsjørittet, that is located in our backyard.


Høy fart, spisse albuer og mye støting er noe en må bli vane med når en konkurrere på landevegen. Helgens opplevelse i Luxembourg, sammen med landslaget, ble en opptur på alle måter.

Gunn-Rita signs with Lake cycling shoes

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is unparalleled. For over 20 years she has been a part of mountain bikings world elite, and the queen of MTB is hungry for more! After the demise of the Multivan Merida Team at the end of the 2016 season Gunn-Rita has been working to continue cycling at the highest level. The Norwegian Lake and Merida distributor, Stians Sport AS, were quickly in contact. Together with Merida and Stians Sport AS, Gunn-Rita has formed a Norwegian UCI team for the next two seasons. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is completely unique: she began cycling for Stians Sport AS / Merida in 2002, and has been with the Multivan Merida Bike Team from the beginning. Throughout her 20 year career Gunn-Rita has won 10 World championship titles, 8 European championships, and 29 world cup races. She is the most successful World Cup mountain biker of all time.

Gunn-Rita fortsetter karrieren på Merida

Karrieren til Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå er uten sidestykke. I over 20 år har hun tilhørt verdenseliten i terrengsykling, men dronningen av terrengsykling er sulten og motivert for mer.