Happy New Year to all of you. The 2 first weeks of this year has been good according to my goals. I feel motivated and ready to face new challenges and of course climb ”high mountains”.

Today we have been in Oslo visiting the Merida family. Stians Sport is our most important supporter in what we believe in and work so hard for. Merida Norway has been with us and behind us since we joined the Merida family back in 2002.

We took the upertunity to show our gratitude and handed over a framed jersey from season 2017 together with our two medals from the World Championship Marathon and European Championship XCO.

Stians- Sport and Merida Norway was the first country ever selling Merida bikes outside Taiwan. This goes all the way back to 1987. This summer we will take part in the 30 years universery celebration of the relationship between Merida Norway and Taiwan. Today Merida International is selling bikes in 77 different countries around the world. Proud to be a part of this big family.


The last 2 weeks of training has been hard. My body and mind really need a recovery week now to absorve all the hours of hard work. I don´t do much of testing in labratory,  02 max etc…. for my strengt and fitness level, BUT I have to do certain amount of hard indurance training and special training to check if I still have in me what it takes to reach the top again in 2018.

Yesterday we did a 4 hours ride in strong wind, about minus 1/ 0 celcius. Mostly dry roads for a change, with just a few placed that was still covered with ice. We were 4 ”BIG kids” together, fighting against and with the strong wind. Total of 45 minutes speed intervalls as a team, suffering together and pushing each other. Yes some ice cold toes and fingers at the end of a long ride… it is just part of it. We had fun and we still love it.

The weather condition makes some days very tough. We are used to it and it is also another confirmation of if I still got it! I train together with Kenneth every day and without him I would never be able to train on this level. During the weekends we train together with good friends, a group of 4-6 persons, and this is high valued and great motivation.  Working together as a team is energy itself, but it also gives the training higher quality and better performance.


This season I got a true, new Merida member in my team. Holly Harris from Australia will be joining me in Team Merida GunnRita. Holly has been with Merida for several years already. She is a young and hardworking mountainbiker that perform on high level already and does a lot of great things for young cyclist in Australia. I do look forward to get to know this young lady and have her in my team.

My dream is to have more young girls like Holly joining Team Merida GunnRita for the coming years, supported by the national Merida dealer. We plan to have trainingcamps together end of season and in the beginning of the season. I would like to pas on some of my experience and knowledge from all the years in this sport, as well as inspire young girls to work hard towards their goals. It will also be a good opportunity for me to visit more Merida countries around the world for the coming years.

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This coming weekend we will spend with good friends in the mountains, Sirdalen, enjoying the snow together with the kids. I´m excited and happy going into a different kind of weekend and I wonder if I can still do cross country skiing!!!

Hope you find time to ride your bike as often as you want. Stay focused on your goal and believe in yourself. You will hear from me again within a few weeks time.


May all your goals for 2018 come true. Hard work, right focus and dedication pays of.


Greetings from Gunn-Rita



Oppkjøring ny sesong – siste sesong som profesjonell

En bra utstyrt sykkel er viktig når en går vintermånedene i møte her hjemme. Bra lys, heldekkende skjermer, solid utstyr og ramme. Gore-Tex klær er et MUST. Vi har startet oppkjøring til ny sesong og det blir min siste som profesjonell rundebanesyklist.

Hit the reset-button..

Heisann. Det var vel et ukjent syn... Det er dessverre alt for lenge siden jeg skrev noen ord om tilværelsen på sykkelsetet og filosoferte om livet i det fri.

Spennende konkurranseperiode: neste stopp blir WC åpningen

I dag ble jeg nummer 4 på HC Dachtein Salzkammergut MTB grand Prix i Østerrike. Kjempet lenge topp 3. Jeg fikk den matchingen jeg trengte en uke før verdenscupåpningen i Nove Mesto Tjekkia. Nå er det hvile og overskudd som gjelder for å være tipp, topp klar for første møte med verdenseliten i terrengsykling.

Gunn-Rita signs with Lake cycling shoes

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is unparalleled. For over 20 years she has been a part of mountain bikings world elite, and the queen of MTB is hungry for more! After the demise of the Multivan Merida Team at the end of the 2016 season Gunn-Rita has been working to continue cycling at the highest level. The Norwegian Lake and Merida distributor, Stians Sport AS, were quickly in contact. Together with Merida and Stians Sport AS, Gunn-Rita has formed a Norwegian UCI team for the next two seasons. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå’s career is completely unique: she began cycling for Stians Sport AS / Merida in 2002, and has been with the Multivan Merida Bike Team from the beginning. Throughout her 20 year career Gunn-Rita has won 10 World championship titles, 8 European championships, and 29 world cup races. She is the most successful World Cup mountain biker of all time.