Merida Big Nine - Big Seven


A combination of low weight, attractive design and the requirements of our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM were the focus in the development of our new BIG.NINE/BIG.SEVEN. We have spent lots of time on getting the geometry, the comfort and the stiffness perfectly right. The leave spring like FLEXSTAY chain and seat stays increase the riding comfort as well as take the sting out of rougher descents. To give the rider another small advantage over the competition we have given the new bikes an aerodynamic downtube. Its profile was heavily influenced by our award winning SCULTURA road bike.


Our new BIG.NINE/BIG.SEVEN is clearly focused on cross country racing and that’s not just due to the close involvement of our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM. In particular our range leading CF5 frame is laid out for 1 x drivetrains but that doesn’t mean it would not feel at home at marathon races and long endurance events. The FLEXSTAY chain and seat stays paired with the S-Flex seatpost make the BIG.NINE/BIG.SEVEN one of the most comfortable hardtails in its class and therefore the perfect partner for long endurance events.


Frame weight: 900g +/- 3%
(size M 29er)
Weight frame additions:
Smart entry: 8g
Derailleur hanger: 17g
Through axle DT: 48g (+28g lever)
Seat clamp: 10g
Chain stay protector: 6g
Down tube protector: 15g

Over all weight: 1005g

The BIG.NINE/BIG.SEVEN is available in two carbon frames. The range topping CF5 used by the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM is very much focused on super low weight and stiffness. In comparison to the CF3 the following changes have been made to achieve the super low weight:

+ High end fibres
+ Weight optimised carbon layup – layup development
takes almost twice as long as the layup of the CF3 frame
+ EPS core
+ 1 x only – pretty much all racers have changed to 1 x drivetrains
+ Integrated headset cups


+ CF5 = integrated headset cups (lighter)
+ CF3 & LITE = semi integrated

Front derailleur
+ CF5 = 1 x specific
+ CF3 & LITE = low direct mount for side swing derailleur

Cable exits on chain stays (CF5 & CF3 frames)
+ cleaner
+ less dirt and mud sticks to the frame
+ cables/hoses are better protected
+ Cables get clamped inside the frame (bottom bracket area)
to avoid rattling
+ On the LITE version cables exit the frame in front of the bottom bracket
+ Same system as currently used on our full suspension bikes

Interfaces CF5, CF3 & LITE have in common
+ Boost rear wheel standard to increase rear wheel stiffness
+ Smart Entry
+ Perfectly fitted an super light chain stay and down tube protectors
+ 30.9mm seatpost
- greater longevity and is less prone to split
- dropper post size
+ Post mount rear disc attachment
+ DI2 ready
+ BB92 bottom bracket

The head tube was shorted by 1cm to put more weight on the front wheel for super aggressive cornering and further improved climbing ability. Furthermore, the chain stays were shortened by 7mm to make the chassis even more agile out on the trail. Completely new in 2017 is the increased reach by 25mm. This in combination with a shorter stem (José Hermida rides a 80mm stem / it used to be 110mm) places the rider more ‘in’ the bike which improves handling. The geometry on the CF5, CF3 and LITE is identical.


+ Pair weighs only 27g
+ Offer great comfort despite the super low weight

MERIDA TEAM S-Flex seatpost
+ Extra comfort due to increased vertical flex
+ Weight 190g
+ TEAM version – all carbon
+ EXPERT version – clamp is aluminium

MERIDA TEAM handlebar 
+ Flatbar
+ 720mm wide
+ 130g

Axles 9000 & TEAM models
+ DT Swiss custom axle – removable 6mm allen key which can
also be used for the through axle of the suspension fork
+ Weight without allen key = 48g

MERIDA Expert CC rims
+ 405g 29er
+ 395g 27.5”
+ Inner bead width: 22.8mm
+ Tubeless ready
+ Hook-less
+ Sleeved rim
+ lighter and works better with tubeless than pin joined rims
+ mounted on BIG.NINE / BiG.SEVEN 6000, XT, 5000, 4000,
900 and 800