Can a bike ever be too fast?

...that's the question the team from GRAN FONDO - Cycling Magazine asked themselves before they started spending some quality time on our all new REACTO.Their conclusion was rather simple - NO.

'If speed is your thing then the Merida REACTO DISC TEAM-E delivers. It’s fast, furious and wills you with confidence giving stability to push your limits. The careful consideration Merida have given to aerodynamics makes you want to tuck in and pedal as fast as humanly possible. This bike is not only quick to respond but reminds you how much fun riding full throttle can be. Can a bike ever be too fast? Not when it comes to just plain old riding over tarmac.'

Read the fantastic review, with some great pictures and lots and lots of details here.

And for more  details of our new REACTO 'Aerodynamic Simplified' concept - have a look here.